Tuesday, 19 November 2013

More Party Times. Friends just love to be infront of the Camera.

Well we spent an evening with a great bunch of friends and got some candid shots, but the posed pictures can still be fun. After these went up on Facebook they did manage to get a fair few likes which must say that their friends enjoyed the smiles. What do you guys think?

We do party photography as well as the more formal portraits, contact us if you want more info. Look forward to snapping you soon.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Granddad's Photo Shoot

Below you can see that Winter doesn't stop Granddad spending time with his wonderful Grandson. We spent an hour chasing the little guy around the park, but loved the moment when Pop picked him up and we saw that special bond.

This also shows that the coming of those cold days doesn't stop us getting out in the real world for some photo fun. We  don't always need a studio shoot to get some great pictures. It's amazing how many great shooting locations there are around the Hampshire and Berkshire area. We love trying out new locations so if you if know of a hidden and little used place of beauty please let us know.

Check out out our website and see how many places you work out.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Party Event

It's always fun as a Portrait Photographer to get out into the real world and get real emotions from your clients. We had traveled far from Basingstoke, in fact far from Hampshire and England. But the fun and excitement is plain to see on the faces of the guys enjoying a School Reunion in the beautiful city of Kosice.

If you've not been or even heard of the second largest city in the land locked country of Slovakia, you really should get your cheap flight now. We really do recommend it. The drink is very cheap and the people so friendly and tourism is only just beginning in this unspoiled Eastern European City.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Smart Family Shoot.

We had the great pleasure to meet a wonderful family for their very important family shoot this week.

They have all agreed to pose for their family portrait with the intention of having their portrait printed onto a canvas for the grandmothers big birthday. What a fab idea!

Thank you guys for your hard work, the outcome looks fantastic!

Happy birthday grandma. Marta.