Friday, 31 October 2014

The Face Of An Actor

Although in my sporting days people would tell me I was really quite good at faking being fouled, I am certainly not an Actor. I am of course always happy to meet up and coming Thespians and also very happy to provide them with some quality images for their portfolio. I enjoyed meeting Jodie who asked us to produce work for her head shot.

It is obviously very important the head shot is realistic, unedited and expressive. So it is essential that the actor and photographer work as a team to produce this. You'd be surprised how many don't actually like standing in front of the camera.

Of course just because they like the shot doesn't mean it will be the best one to select. If you look at the set above, you might have a favourite, but is it everyone's?  So it can be worth asking a few people what they think.

If you'd like to have your very own Head Shot shoot then please just get in touch. We are currently Charging £100 for 10 shots with full editing to a natural quality. The shoot takes an hour and you'll have the images within a week. (Normally within 2 working days.)

Any questions please just let us know.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Pictures Of Terri

We had the pleasure of taking some fantastic images of a new model Terri last week and she was willing to try out one of my new clothing range.

OK so we're not actually starting to producing clothing but we do do some one off specials for clients or more often for our own use. Hopefully you'll agree both Terri and the top look awesome.

If you want to see more of Terri's work you can check out her portfolio site

If you want to talk about us producing some personalised apparel for you then just get in touch, until then, happy snapping.