Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Location Shoot Anyone? A fortnight in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

As we had a few weeks of on the Beautiful island of Boa Vista, we thought it would be rude not to do the odd shoot one the 15 mile deserted beach.

For those that haven't heard of these unspoilt islands then it's really worth looking into as they will not stay as they are forever. The tourists are coming and this mean the 15 mile beach without a single hotel or house will not stay like that forever.

We were lucky to join the crowd in the Riu Rouarag on the southern point of Boa Vista and you wouldn't have to leave it as you are totally looked after in every way. But being the adventurous type, we of course tried many trips to see the delights and try and capture the true beauty. 

We visited the Loggerhead Turtles laying grounds and watched is awe as we stood a meter away from one mother laying her 92 eggs and head back to the ocean. Unfortunately this was one time I was not allowed to take any pictures as any light at all could cause the turtle to race back to the sea before laying. Of course we can take pictures in almost darkness, but due to many people forgetting to turn off their flash it is better to just say no to everyone. So the numerous crabs walking our beach had to be the wildlife shots for the trip.

So back to my more familiar ground of portrait shooting I managed to get Marta to step in as the model as usual and think I caught some amazing pictures of the shear isolation. 

All in all a fantastic holiday experience and we would recommend this destination to one and all, especially if you're looking at getting a photographic location.

Until next time, happy snapping.