Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mum Needs Pictures Too.

So we had the pleasure of meeting Katie last week and we got into the studio to take some nice shoots. Marta was again on make up duties and we made Katie feel relaxed. 

I may have added a slight gloss to this picture but that's the wonders of modern day photography, everything is possible. 

After a quick shoot indoors we headed outside for our main work. Down to the local skate park and we met some of the boys doing their awesome tricks.

Hope you like and as always, Happy Snapping.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Model Competition Shoot.

We were asked by Lizzy a new local model to do some simple shots for an upcoming competition.

As Marta started with the make up we sat and discussed with Lizzy what she wanted to get out of the shoot and after a cup of coffee we began with a simple natural look and we were really impressed with the professional attitude and display.

Then back into Marta's care for a change of look as an extreme beauty look was the next step. Again we  went into the studio to complete a stunning look, you may just notice the eyelashes are not 100% authentic. 

One final change into a business look, which was my personal favorite, as it meant we could get outside into the real world and through some awesome poses. You can see more of this set on our facebook page as well as a video on our website. Head over to see more of this stunning new model who I'm sure has big things ahead of her.

Until next time, happy snapping.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Big Family Shoot

Today we had 12 people in the studio which meant there was loads of energy. As always it took a few shots for everyone to relax but when they did we got some great results.

This was a Birthday present for Grandma who was also there witness the shoot and take part. We were very happy to be asked to capture this special Birthday treat.

Don't forget to contact us well in advance of any dates that you require, either in our studio or for our mobile studio.

Happy snapping.