Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Baby to New Born Shoot Special.

Well the January Sales are on so we have added our own to the site.

We are currently offering a Bump to New born shoot for the basic price of £40. This means you can have 2 separate 1 hour shoots, one doing the last month of pregnancy. The second would be in the first 2 weeks after the birth. These are the best times to capture the beauty of this special time. The package comes with 1 8x6 print from each of those shoots. You can then select as many additional photo’s either on print or the digital copies for an additional fee.
We are also offering a free make over by D&M’s very own makeup artist Marta. This is currently free with the full portrait package. If you want to try a different look but never got around to it then try us out.

Follow the link to book.

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